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From the Keyboard of Khalid Shaikh
Date: January, 19th 2014
Location: Dubai, UAE

Dear Job Seeker Friend,

We all know that the streets of Dubai are paved with gold and diamonds. Its economy is booming and the net income in Dubai is typically much higher as compared to other parts of the globe.

Even then, getting a job in Dubai is not a piece of cake for many people!!!

The fact is that most job seekers hunting for jobs in Dubai are clueless about getting their "foot in the door" for a single job in Dubai...

Forget about getting jobs in Dubai... many people see years fly by without landing ONE decent INTERVIEW call for jobs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE or Gulf!

But, why is this happening?

Well, let’s face it, we're living in some of the most stressful and a difficult time in years and today’s job market is a KILLER.

But it doesn’t mean you can never get a Gulf job. Well, you can!


If you promise to sincerely give me a few minutes of your time right now...

... I'll hold your hand and show you exactly how to flood your calendar with hot jobs in Dubai and top Abu Dhabi job offers this month than most of your competition will land all year.

It's so easy when you know exactly everything about Dubai and job market in Dubai!

But… before that, let me introduce myself:


Khalid Shaikh - Jobs In DubaiHi, my name is Khalid Shaikh. I’m an experienced careers and education writer, and have lived and worked in a number of Gulf and UAE regions. I have helped literally thousands of job-seekers from over 100 different countries, land quality jobs in Dubai in dozens of highly competitive professions and markets using the previous 2013 issue of my secret report.

I have just released the latest version of my SECRET 2014 Report on finding a job in Dubai and making real money anywhere in the UAE!


“Tell Me, How On Earth Can I Get A Job In Dubai While Competing With Hundreds Of Others?”

You are knee-deep in your Dubai job search. It’s quite obvious that you might be stressed out and even the pocket is tight... But don’t loose hope because you can land a decent Gulf job. But for that you need:

Jobs UAE You need to know all the little and big things that will make you stand out and get you the job of your dreams. Especially in technology, construction, Tel-com and other highly competitive industries of Dubai job market.

Jobs UAE You need to know the tactics to avoid the traps that 95% of all people face while hunting for jobs in Dubai and completely throw away their chances of ever getting a job in Dubai.

Jobs UAE You need to be so much PERFECT in your Dubai job interviews that you run circles around the competition and leave no chance of them getting your dream job!

Jobs UAE You need the exact proven, exclusive *secrets* that others do not know. These are the secrets of those top Dubai professionals who have aced top jobs with high-paying salaries!

Jobs UAE In short, you need...

“Khalid Shaikh's Secret Report: Find A Job In Dubai”

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This exclusive report ‘Find A Job In Dubai’ is written in concise, clear English and reveals everything about finding UAE jobs and making money in Dubai. It is packed with all the specific and detailed information you need to land jobs in Dubai. It contains up to date information on getting accommodation in Dubai, how and where to apply for jobs in Dubai and what life is like in one of the fastest growing cities in the world.

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Gulf Jobs
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“... Thank you, Khalid for this amazing book.”

"I was surfing the web, calling offices in Dubai and running from one place to the other to find out how to get a job in Dubai. I have spent weeks gathering all the information that this report contains and still I was not successful without this book. Thank you, Khalid for this amazing book!"
-- Jason Deeken

“Khalid Shaikh's Secret Report: Find A Job In Dubai” --- What's Inside It?

Let’s have a quick sneak peek into the key points that you get inside this secret report:

Jobs in DubaiEverything about Dubai from early history to its boom, from politics and government to religion and culture, from climate and weather to standard of living, from communication to transportation and much more!

Jobs in DubaiEverything you need to know to fly to Dubai!

Jobs in DubaiEverything you should know related to workforce, labor laws and employment prospects!

Jobs in DubaiA lot of job search tools, in demand jobs in Dubai, academic preparation for a career in Dubai, various UAE jobs posting information!

Jobs in DubaiTools to test your interview skills!

Jobs in DubaiDetailed analysis of all major professions in Dubai!

Jobs in DubaiEverything you need to know about obtaining driving license and getting around Dubai!

Jobs in DubaiEverything related to entertainment and leisure in Dubai including shopping, dining, night life, sightseeing, sports & world sports events!

Jobs in DubaiAlmost everything to help you settling down and feeling at home in Dubai!

Jobs in DubaiSneak peek into Dubai of the future!

Jobs in DubaiAnd much much more...!!

Read What Other People Are Saying About This Incredible Report!

Read below to find comments of REAL people who landed their dream jobs in Dubai with the help of previous 2013 issue of this secret report. These people are from over 100 different countries that are now enjoying UAE jobs and making pretty good amount of money.

“... Saved me so much time and gave me the most accurate information...”

"Khalid's 2013 issue of his book has saved me so much time and gave me the most accurate information one can get."
-- Anthony Chan

“I got my first job in Dubai within just a few weeks...”

"I got my first job in Dubai within just a few weeks. Khalid's book provided me with just what I needed to succeed in Dubai."
-- Huang Choh Lin

“…They could have spent it more wisely on this book instead.”

"So many of my Indian colleagues have spent hundreds, some of them even thousands, of Dollars on "agencies" that helped them find jobs in Dubai. When I showed them my 2013 copy of the book they realized that they have wasted so much money on them and that they could have spent it more wisely on this book instead."
-- Desu Chowdhry

“... This book... Impressed me...”

"I live in the UAE already and I'm very familiar when it comes to working in the UAE, specifically in Dubai. But this book contained so much compressed and up-to-date information that it even impressed me."
-- Kareem Shah

“This book has helped me overcome all issues in the fastest way possible...”

"Going from China to Dubai has not been the easiest task but this book has helped me overcome all issues in the fastest way possible. It is well worth its price!"
-- Wei "John" Zhang

“... You’re a genius!”

"There is so much competition in China, so many people trying to find a job in Dubai that I almost gave up trying. Until I came across this book. Mr. Khalid: you're a genius!!!"
-- Jingtao Xiao

“Khalid’s tips convinced us...”

"We heard so much about working in Arab countries but weren't sure if we, as Americans, should give it a try. Khalid's tipps convinced us that there is nothing to worry about and gave us all information on how to apply for a job in Dubai, how to move over there and how to acclimatize in a whole new environment."
-- Peter J. Simmons & Harris Whitfield

“Thanks to Khalid’s 2013 book it took me a few days to find a job in Dubai”

"Thanks to Khalid's 2013 book it took me a few days to find a job in Dubai as a house-maid. My first attempts were all in vain until I found this book."
-- Shiushiu Guo

“Thanks to this book we were able to easily move back to the UAE”

"My husband is of Arab origin but we used to live in the U.K. for the past 25 years. Thanks to this book we were able to easily move back to the UAE and start a new life there."
-- Megan Al-Hayali

“This book helped me in my business...”

"This book helped me in my business and now I own a small export company close by to Dubai. I will definitely get the 2014 issue when it comes out."
-- Ouassiou Brown

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

I have not only written this report but I have also used everything revealed in this report and I have seen what it has done for me.

Plus, I have seen what the older 2013 issue of this report has done for many others. Those who already got their hands on this secret report are now enjoying Dubai jobs and making a lot of money. (I hope you had read the comments of these people above.)

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Are You Ready To Get Your Dream Job In Dubai?

By following the secrets revealed in the latest version 2014 of my secret report, you too will be able to walk into any interview with confidence and get virtually any job in Dubai.

So do yourself a favor and throw away forever all those annoying irritating doubts that eat away at you, like never quite having enough money to do exactly what you want to do.

Or even worse not even having a dime to your name and never being able to do anything at all.

Or be reliant on others. Now how awful is that?



You have a job in Dubai, UAE, Abu Dhabi or anywhere in Gulf you won’t have to worry anymore. And not only will you be free of worry but your family will be happy too.

Jobs in Abu Dhabi

Yourself going to your dream job in Dubai and enjoying a perfect life with everything that you have ever wished for!

It Will Happen ONLY When You Get & Implement My Brand New 2014 Secret Report!


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Gulf Jobs
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How Much Is Landing A Job In Dubai Worth To YOU?

Jobs UAE How about the amazing feeling that comes from knowing that getting UAE jobs of your dreams is in the bag? What would that be worth to you?

Jobs UAE And what value can you put on being able to provide for your family yourself without the worrying day after day how you’ll get by in a place like Dubai?

Jobs UAE And finally how much is living your dream life really worth to you?

What did you say?
“US$ 10,000, US$ 20,000, US$ 40,000 even a US$ 100,000 or more per year!”

Hey, fear not!

I know that when you’re hunting for a Gulf job you don’t have a ton of money to throw around. And, I will not charge you anywhere near US$ 1000 or even US$ 100. I’ve decided to sell it for only US$ 29.00

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Guys, Time To Make A Choice!

Look at it this way, you buy this secret report... and you get your dream job in Dubai


You don’t and don’t get Dubai jobs and maybe never will. So it’s bye-bye to all your dreams of Dubai jobs, a higher salary and better life!!

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Gulf Jobs
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Yours for Success,
Khalid Shaikh - Gulf Jobs
Khalid Shaikh
Author, Secret Report 2014, "Find A Job In Dubai”

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